The Lazarus Pools

At TechTree, one of our central missions is to support newcomers with intuitive and easy to understand ways to leverage the emerging market of DeFI in a safe way. Because of this, we’ve been able to use our knowledge and expertise in this space to help KnightSwap and Wizard Finance to expand their capabilities, and cater to newcomers.
Enter - the “Lazarus Pools” - a collection of single staking opportunities with Bluechip crypto coins/tokens where people can stake their assets with just one click to earn competitive APYs, while at the same time, exercising proper risk management to reduce the downside of a volatile crypto market.
“The Lazarus Pools has the ability to heal any wounds received as a result of this crypto winter. It was built with purpose, & if used responsibly, it holds the opportunity to reverse any loss, & for some, the ability to become immortal in the annals of DeFi!”
- Wizard
Unlike existing products currently available within the crypto/DeFi market, the Lazarus Pools differentiates itself in the following ways;
  • Stake assets via “one-click” without worrying about the complexities you're used to in DeFi;
  • Reinvest the staked assets to auto-compound the pool's rewards and to optimize your APY; &
  • Reduce risk through diversification (while still earning a rate of return that can beat the market).
For folks who have been around the crypto/DeFi space for a while - you know that as much as anyone can try & reduce risk, it is baked into ALL financial markets. That being said, Wizard & Knight Finance take security very seriously. They employ industry leading protocols to safeguard your assets within their ecosystem, & their 3rd party vendor (Ola Finance) uses a decentralized protocol for programmable lending that is unmatched in the crypto space. They are part of a network that has in excess of $26.9M of Total Value Locked (TVL), & only $8.9M in loaned assets!
With the rollout of the Lazarus Pools, Wizard Finance hopes to minimize risk associated with staking crypto in a volatile market even more by offering a wide array of assets that can be staked to hedge against the wild swings we see today.
Bitcoin and all of the Altcoins are subject to the crypto market’s movement; bear and bull markets alike. Several of their pools require them to pair assets with BNB, so most assets on deposit have a little exposure to its price movement (in addition to the token on deposit's price movement). Do your own research, Invest with purpose/intent, & reap the rewards.
Next, we will show you what OUR strategy will be to harness the opportunity provided by the Lazarus Pools. If you are following along at home, what we do, and how we do it can be replicated and tailored to your own specific needs (akin to what we have done with the MoneyTree farm).
Do your own research, Invest with purpose & intent, reap the rewards.