Learn to Navigate the Sea of Web3 & Crypto

TechTree is a Web2 & Web3 based "Learn to Earn" educational platform which provides insights into all aspects of safely navigating Web3 and the crypto space. We do this by leveraging emerging technologies to deliver video-based & instructor-led classes, and live lectures which are coupled with a Learn to Earn mechanism designed to reward members when they actually exercise their knowledge in real life. Our goal is to teach people the practical application of newly minted skills so they can thrive in the Web3 space. While trying to lock in the problem to solve, we did extensive research surrounding Web3 and the crypto space and what we found was alarming. More often than not, people navigating this space either become a master at Googling and spending days on YouTube to eventually stumble upon generic videos which lack depth/context, or they pay a considerable amount of money to be "told' specialized niche-topics which are packaged with with “tricks of the trade,” most of the time based on the opinion of a single person and not grounded in any real principle, predominantly filled with risk.
Though there is great promise during the shift from Web2 to Web3, it is filled with uncertainty and danger. Where there is light, there is also darkness. In the shadows looms risk which deliberately preys on the uneducated which will stunt the development of a fully adopted Web3 world. Therein lies our solvable problem.
At its core, The single most important element required to transform the lives of others in a Web3 world is to do it safely by reducing the exposure to risk. To that end, we set out to provide a platform where we can demonstrate the tools for success, as well as educate and teach the skills REQUIRED to change lives.
Instrumental in this endeavor is our ability to attract and retain industry experts. At TechTree, we strive to continue to grow our pool of experienced content creators so that we may best educate our community, but to also give our specialists a place to share their deep knowledge while being rewarded and valued for their hard work and contribution to the space (Teach to Earn).
To show that we are not just a “talking the talk,” we have actually put the delivery of our education in motion and are already known as a PREMIER content provider for major partner projects; The Guardian Academy, Fat Cats DAO, Bazinga Games/Gothies, the Wolf Den and Scholarz.