What are your first steps?

You are about to start your journey into a new digital world powered by blockchains, Metaverse(s) and one rooted in promise & tremendous possibilities for those who know how to navigate between it all safely.
To make sure you are getting started on the right foot, your first step is to join our community and connect.
In our world, everyone should have "this one friend who knows stuff" to answer your questions. And most of the time, just one or two answers can make the difference between you burning through your hard earned money or thriving in this new environment.
Our Community is exactly this, a battle tested safe and secure space where a big brother or sister determined to help you succeed. By joining our Inventors-discord you will get access to hundreds of people who can help you with avoiding the most common pitfalls that plague new users of Web3 and crypto. When you arrive, you will also get FREE access to education & training tailored for either beginners, or experienced users who want to double check their safety-guidelines.
After you join our Discord community, you will need to navigate to the rules section and click on the green checkmark to verify you're a human. Yes, sadly, the interwebs is full of bots, and to make sure we have a safe environment, we restrict their access.
Congratulations. After reading and agreeing to the rules, you're one step closer to a safe journey.
Now... Head to the main-chat and introduce yourself to the family. We promise, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Step 2 - Unlock our catalogue of training as well as live Master Classes, get an Inventors NFT.

You now already know who we are, what we offer and (hopefully) are learning how to protect yourself in this space. To take it to the next level, you will want access our Learning Portal as well as attend our live-trainings to help implement you've learned, all you need to do is to buy one Inventors NFT and verify your holding in our discord.

3. Verify your holding in discord

Congratulations. If you made it that far, we're happy to welcome you as one of our Inventors Holder

Step 3 - Travel to our Education-Portal.

While our Discord community will help you with connecting to other like-minded people, our TechTree Education Portal is designed to guide you through the space from the bottom to the top. Like an encyclopedia, we thrive to include as many Web3, crypto, blockchain, De-Fi, NFT topics as possible, while curating it in a way that actually makes sense for your implementation. Before we talk about making money, like most of the projects out there, we want to make sure you're protected as much as we can so when you find success in this space, you are able to keep it and build upon it. Our Learning Portal is open and ready to have you come learn with us! Inside you will find your first package of safety and security content that we know you will enjoy. This is free to all consume. But as a member of our community who holds an Inventors NFT - you will be able to unlock the FULL power of our education portal.
Each month, a brand new pack of content will be loaded which will help expand your understanding of Web3, Crypto, NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi, and much more. Understanding the fundamentals of this space is key. To access the content, you will first need to connect your wallet to the portal and make sure you are on the Ethereum Network. Once you are connected (its that simple), you will be able to access the particular catalogues library of content by clicking on the respective tile. As a Generation 1 (Gen1) Inventors NFT Holder, ALL-CATALOGUES will be open to you once the content is loaded into them. Enjoy the content and head over to the Inventors NFT Discord to ask questions and sail together through the Web2-to-Web3 transition.