Meet the team

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.” - Ratan Tanta There is nothing more important on a Project than a team following and actually implementing the vision they talk about. We're convinced that you should know exactly who is behind this project, and for this reason all of us are fully doxxed (akin to we're not hiding behind funny names).
We will never DM you first. If you want to reach us, feel free to use the ticket-system within our discord.
Over a 2 decades of combined Web3 and crypto-experience!
We all know: A month in crypto is like a year in reality. Everything is moving and evolving fast. With over a decade of time in the market our team has seen both the good and the bad sides of this emerging space as a result, has paid careful attention to handpicking content creators that bring you the best possible knowledge in their niches.
To contact or identify us, you will find our discord handle right next to our name.
Kevin Stephan, Chief Executive Officer - Discord: Silberhamster Kevin, made in Germany and father of 2, studied Biology (B.Sc), and then went into the rabbit-hole of marketing and business. During his journey he trained and inspired hundreds of people to live the life they want, and most important, to have more control over the most precious resource in their life - time - to spend it with the people they love.
Since 2017 he is discovering and utilizing the Crypto space for this, which is his full time venture since 2018. Core Web3/crypto area of emphasis: Regulation, DeFi, NFTs
Kim Barrett - Chief Financial Officer - Discord: Kbardo da Vinci - Twitter: @RealKimBarrett
Kim, out of Perth Australia, studied International Business (B.IB) and then started his own marketing and education agency to help business owners grow their businesses, and allow them to focus on doing what they do best. He’s travelled the world speaking and training clients on how to do exactly that.
During the early days of crypto he started learning about mining - and then put everything on the back burner till 2017 where he came back into the market to learn and adapt to the changing markets.
Core web3/crypto area of emphasis: DeFi/Yield Farming
Linda Chayes, Director of Mindset/Psychology - Discord: lnchayes#6310, Twitter: @Linda_Chayes3
Linda She is a mother of three amazing young adults and is a successful mindset and life coach. When she isn’t busy changing people’s lives, she moonlights as a financial and property manager within the greater Los Angeles California area.
Core Topics : Mindset/Psychology, life Coaching
John Codd, Chief Operating Officer - Discord: SOLseeker - Twitter: @SOLseeker.eth @OntheBlock365
John is a father to 3 amazing young ladies & one prince and is happily married to the love of his life. He is 23 year veteran of the US Armed Forces and holds a Masters degree in Public Administration, w/ emphasis on public finance and has also attended the Naval War College concentrating on Joint Maritime Operations, Strategy & War, and Theatre Security/Decision Making.
He found his way into crypto back in 2017 while researching more secure ways to transmit data; the rest is history
Core Topics: Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Day/Position trading, and Government regulation
Selim El Madani, Director of Education - Discord: Slipihollow - Twitter: @slipihollow
Selim is born and raised in Switzerland. He earned his Master's degree in Digital Humanities and Philosophy. After graduating, he performed academic research in behavioral psychology, digital humanities and fundamental uncertainty in preparation for a PHD thesis on blockchain and privacy. Outside of crypto, he has a passion for learning and teaching which he exercises at his local university as a Scientific mediator (vulgarization of scientific content).
Core Topics : IT, Real-life Application of Crypto, Computer Science, Fundamentals, Blockchain Theory and Security
Josh Model, Chief of Business Developement - Discord: JoshModel - Twitter: @KingsNCrypto
Josh, out of Los Angeles, CA, graduated with a degree in strategic management and finance and quickly found himself at a top software and marketing agency learning the ropes of business and partnership development.
Over the past 15 years, he has worked with hundreds of companies ranging from start up to Fortune 500, accounting for over $50 million in successful business and has trained nearly a hundred young reps on the skills needed to be successful in the world of Biz Dev.
Josh was introduced to the world of Web3 and crypto in 2018 and dove head first into future applications of blockchain technology almost immediately.
Core: Web3/Crypto, Fundamentals, Business/Investment mindset and psychology
Jenny Reed, Social Media Director
Jenny is from small town Texas, mother of 4, forever student, entrepreneur, & artist of many forms. Former Project Coordinator & Primary Educational Aide, Jenny recently made the bold shift to take control of her career to allow for more growth as well as time with family by leaving the typical 9-5 grind to work from home full time in January of 2023.
Crypto newbie, but not lacking passion for the space, its potential and the educational opportunities TechTree provides the world!
Core Area of Emphasis: Social Media/Communications
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