Metaverse Impact

The best way to determine the performance of any project is the impact it has on real people. The world doesn't need another funny meme coin or token propped up by hype. However, there is A TON of demand for projects helping with the transition from Web2 to Web3. If you watched the movie "Ready Player one," you would know that the future of the Metaverse can look like anything, literally, anything. It will take tremendous vision and dedicated people to implement if it even has a chance of coming to fruition. The Web3, or "the Metaverse" is a new and unknown world, and the brave and informed will conquer and shape it. Will that person be you? It will be a very rocky road, but one filled with innovation, and disrupting technologies, sound familiar? The Internet, Smartphones, the majority avoided them or denied their utility until it they couldn't be denied anymore... and when they decided to adopt, they were surprised by the huge learning curve. Suddenly, the "old" generation asks their kids for help, as they are "natives" in that new technology. Our mission is to support and shape the first native generation of the Metaverse, wether it be companies or single users. Settling down in a new world always bears uncertainty but also the opportunity and responsibility to craft a world worth living in.