How do we differentiate?

The average person familiar with crypto stumbles into the space rather than being guided. Wether it be a friend recommending some project they think you would be interested in, or the media hype around Bitcoin rushing from one All Time High (ATH) to another, there is no single entry point to Web3 and crypto. Decentralization of ideas and finance further makes you responsible for any mistake, no matter if it was deliberate, or if it was predicated on a lack of knowledge. As freeform Web 3 can be, and as alluring making it rich quick can be, this space it is equally as dangerous and you can get rekt in an instant if unprepared.
Because of this, many of us learn the hard lessons of being new in this space by pain, burning money, and out of desperation we bootstrap together whomever we consider as being helpful or an expert so that we can try and find some balance, or truth. The problem is - everyone is smart in a bull-market, and the concepts we may learn during this phase (which is the phase most of users join the space) will turn out to be wrong or not tailored to the EVER-changing landscape. Especially, when the bear-market hits, and the portfolio takes a down-swing of 70%+. During this time of uncertainty, education, mental clarity, and knowledge will be the key to thriving. We know this, because we have EXPERIENCED it, many time over. Regardless of how we come to Web3 and crypto, most of us are on a quest to get smarter in this space. As such, we either become a google/youtube master clicking on the flashiest or loudest personality we see, or we pay someone for their biased opinion because they hooked us with their words, which (most of the time) is typically very narrow in scope and perspective. More often than not, the personality online who is the flashiest, or the voice in the crowd that is the loudest, is just somebody that is really good at grabbing our attention with traditional marketing tactics. Our new journey through Web3 and crypto demand so much more than this. It requires substance, authenticity, and sincerity.

TechTree aims to build Web3 Centers of Excellence for Education

At TechTree, our common goal is to decentralize the way education and knowledge is distributed to the people of the world. To do this, we're building a network of experts and providing them a place to share their knowledge and wisdom, without focusing on marketing or hype. We're building a Center of Excellence never seen before in Web2.... because its being built for Web3! We are mindful that the way we use the internet is changing, as a result, the traditional methods used to curate and deliver educational content must adapt so that we can develop a new generation of educated Web3 and crypto-users who will thrive in their new reality. For the first time in human history, Web3 users can interact with their digital surroundings in a single, universal and immersive virtual world that is facilitated by the use of virtual reality and augmented reality whose core function is to facilitate social connection, regardless of where you physically reside. Some call it the Metaverse, some call it science fiction. Regardless, it is very real and TechTree is spearheading the evolution of Web2 education into the Web3 space to educate the masses safely during this transition.
There is great promise during this period of change, but where there is light, there is also darkness. In the shadows looms risk which deliberately preys on the uneducated which will stunt the development of a fully adopted Web3 world. Therein lies our solvable problem.
At its core, The single most important element required to transform the lives of others in a Web3 world is to do it safely by reducing risk exposure. To that end, we set out to provide a platform where we can demonstrate the tools for success, as well as educate and teach the skills REQUIRED to change lives.

What does the educated Web3 and crypto-user need?

From a birds-eye view, the following four points are essential for a successful journey through this transition into Web3 and full crypto adoption.

Access to education

You must understand where you are, and where you want to go. Only after you have established these two points, can you map out how to get to where you want to go. With this in hand, how you navigate the terrain between those two points will be absolutely critical in achieving your goal. Most come to Web 3 and crypto with hope and a dream to strike it rich: this is totally fine, DREAM BIG. However, understanding core principles in finance, economics, psychology, and safety/security as you execute the dream... this is where success is formed. A holistic education is the foundation of what we teach, and is the cornerstone for our collective success.

Training on implementation

Now that someone has the education, it needs to be paired with knowledge - the practical understanding of education, in motion. “Why” you do something needs to be paired with “how” you do something - Our goal is to help guide people through the proper training required to be confident as a user of the Web3 space.

Access to a network of experienced people

Education and knowledge now need to be paired with other like minded people who share the same level of understanding and who may act as mentors to guide you , or shepherd the community. TechTree will provide an atmosphere where our community members can establish and build personal relationships built on demonstrated trust. Within the halls of TechTree trust, you can backtest strategies, and/or ask hard questions without being shamed or teased for asking a question that another forum most certainly would. Our community square will foster dialogue where someone can ask other community members and they will give you a valid and crowd sourced answer. More than anything, our community will help and uplift one another, “as one.”

Understanding of the Rules and Framework

You need to know the rules of this space in its current form, but more so, the rules and regulations that will be upon this space soon - by understanding this element, users and consumers of the Web3 and crypto will be positioned to capitalize on the future state of this space and profit safely from it.

How we connect those dots...

First, we created an educational platform, a community/forum where people can train to use this space, but also to get the required psychological support to not just survive this space, but to thrive in this space as a community without getting rekt by this incredibly volatile and unpredictable Web3 and crypto landscape.
We connect our members who show promise and growth in this space with other veterans of this space, or with other Communities of Progress, who are fully vetted projects that share our same vision of the Web3 and the beauty of crypto.
We Educate members with static, live sessions, and 1:1 mentorship … all with the goal of developing them into community members who can become mentors in their own right who help new community members as they come to us seeking to learn how to safely navigate through their new journey.
We like to think we teach our members how to sail a boat. A complicated task, to be sure, but once learned… you can successfully navigate through most calm waters around the world. Sailing is sailing; A 15 foot sailboat, or 50ft catamaran is tactically all the same… if you can sail, you can sail.
The only difference between the two is that with the latter, you need other experienced sailors who all work collectively towards the common goal of safe navigation. As a result, the experience is safer and you can collectively achieve greater success, you can literally travel around the world together.
To conclude, we will LEAD the way in developing knowledgeable users of Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, and DeFi to better the lives of the community we have built. We will leverage the knowledge of Industry and thought leaders to frame and then solve the greatest challenges preventing the safe and secure adoption of these emerging technologies so that we can help build better lives for everyone.