The Perpetual Community Giveaway System
One of our goals with TechTree and Inventors NFT is to show our community the power of thoughtful decisions which can bring you closer to financial freedom. To illustrate this, we took a considerable amount of our NFT mint proceeds and started a DeFi yield farm.
One of our main partners, the Wolf Den, shares our vision of education & helping investors to navigate the Crypto space safely, and more importantly, they build awesome tools to get closer to what you want. The MoneyTree farm is primarily based on Wolf Den assets and strategies.
Yield farming is an investment strategy in DeFi which involves lending or staking cryptocurrency coins or tokens to get rewards in the form of transaction fees or interest. This is somewhat similar to earning interest from a bank account… but in DeFi - YOU are technically lending money to the bank. As a result, the yield produced month over month can be considerable, and it alway keeps moving forward.
It’s the ultimate real-life example of what we teach our community to do for themselves… because they helped start the farm, we created a perpetual giveaway system by taking 50% of the yield each month and hold a giveaway.
To stay on the safe side of future regulations in this space, to be eligible to be part of the giveaway each month, InventorNFT holders who wish to be considered must be an active member of the community and participate within the month of the drawing. They can collect NFT sets to increase their entry count, engage in our community or take part in our Learn to Earn ecosystem within our Portal which also helps teach them how to refine their skills. Because of our responsible use of DeFi & the wild success of our MoneyTree yield farm/giveaway system - we have caught the attention of the good folks at KnightSwap/Knight Finance & Wizard Finance and have partnered with them on various products/services they have released.