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InventorsNFT (powered by TechTree)
One of the ways TechTree drives home our education is by providing an opportunity for our students to put their new knowledge into motion. We have found the best way to do this is by creating and building up a community of like mind people, all interested in moving in the same direction; to that end, we created our InventorsNFT Community.
Part NFT project, part community project, all focused on "sailing together" with one another. Within this community you will gain unprecedented access to like minded people and learn how to apply what you learned within the TechTree ecosystem. For those who are also InventorsNFT holders, you will enjoy your life-time access to our entire catalogue of education as well as live-Trainings, Alpha groups, and invaluable discussions with experienced professionals that will help you navigate through the market, regardless of the ups and downs.
As an added benefit for our NFT holders, we set up a perpetual giveaway system for them, all predicated on our expert understanding of DeFi. One of the greatest achievements of Crypto is the possibility to generate a passive income - we are firm believers in the power of this emerging Web3 functionality and as a result, we introduce to you, the MoneyTree!
Inventors NFT
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